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St. Richard Catholic School opened its doors in September of 1947. Through the decades we've grown, become stronger, and we've inspired the minds of so many young lives.


St. Richard Catholic Elementary School is committed to teach and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the traditions of our Catholic Faith and to lead the students to a life of prayer and Christian service. The staff, parents/guardians, and parishioners work together to create a community of love and service while fostering each student’s spiritual, academic, and social growth. The faculty and staff encourages the students to grow in accepting Christian responsibility to self, to family, to church, to community, and to respond to the needs of our local and global communities.



The learning community of St. Richard School is founded on the belief that Jesus as Lord is the central focus of life. Every child learns the truths of the Catholic Faith and love of Prayer in order to promote the building of God’s Kingdom on earth in peace and justice. Through role models and permeation of faith in the total curriculum, each child is guided to integrate these religious truths and values into his or her daily life.


Each child is created by God and is a unique person with special gifts and talents. Individual learning styles are respected and nurtured to help in developing a healthy self-awareness and self-esteem. In recognizing his/her own worth and dignity, he/she will realize the presence of God in relationship to others, and respond with respect and responsibility.


The school’s primary concern is the individual student as he/she matures morally, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically. The school’s focus is to enrich this maturing process with Christian attitudes and values.


The school provides an atmosphere of love and security, which promotes enjoyment in learning and creates in the child a life-long interest in his/her own education. Within this positive atmosphere, the teacher inspires and guides the child to think, create, judge, and act in accordance with the teaching of Christ.


Teachers and parents, working together as partners in the education of the children, need open and supportive communication with each other. Parents are the primary teachers of faith and values for their children and through cooperation with the teachers, enhance the religious education of the students.


The school is an important part of our total parish community. Our goals and policies are derived from and develop around the goals and programs of the parish. By continual sharing of talents and services, all are involved in the growth process of our community.


Our philosophy is always in process. It is continually being developed and refined by the actions and thinking of the faculty, administration, parents, and students. Our visions promote community by living out the message of Jesus and seeking to cultivate the spirit of service to God and neighbor.