At Sts. Bruno & Richard Catholic School,

We are called to educate all students from three-year-old preschool to eighth grade.

Our programs include a rigorous academic curriculum infused with the Catholic faith.

We prepare students for academic success and to serve their communities,

while developing a love for God and respect one another. 

Academic Fundamentals

Language Arts

Reading – This program stresses development of competence in reading comprehension and vocabulary.

  • Literature – This program continues to develop competence in reading comprehension and vocabulary.  Appreciation of classic literature is developed.

  • English – This program stresses the development of competence in grammar, punctuation, usage, and coherent writing. Application of these principles is practiced in writing activities.

  • Spelling – This program encourages application of spelling principles to daily work in written communication.



This program focuses on computational skills and problem solving with application to the daily lives of the students.



This program serves to introduce the students to major concepts and generalizations in the life, earth, and physical sciences. Processes develop experimentation, inquiry, and sound research techniques.


Social Studies

Students will explore various social units and learn about people of the world. Geography, map skills, American and World History are included in this subject.

Enhancement Courses


All students in grades preschool through eighth grade receive computer class. Students learn via the use of a computer, Chromebooks, and iPads.


Physical Education

Gym classes are held twice or three times each week for all students. Calisthenics, organized games, and various sports are taught. Through these activities students learn fair play, good sportsmanship, and a Christian attitude towards others in competition.



Once a week students receive instruction in music/choir class.