The athletic/sports program at St. Richard seeks to provide an environment where students can learn and develop athletic skill. We strive to develop a student athlete who plays to the best of their ability while exemplifying the qualities of good sportsmanship and fair play.


Playing a sport is a great way for students to further reinforce respect, responsibility, discipline and teamwork outside of the classroom.


We offer the following sport opportunities:


Fall Season

Basketball, girls

Outdoor Soccer, coed JV & varsity


Winter Season

Basketball, boys

Bitty Basketball, coed

Indoor Soccer, coed

Volleyball, girls


Spring Season

Baseball, boys (if league available)

Softball, girls (if league available)



Sports Board Members

Father Kris Janczak

Kim Osowiec

Lupe Lopez

Lang Peterson

Kathy Garcia

Nancy Sanchez


Sports Coordinators

Basketball - Gabe Sanchez

Soccer - Manny Reyes

Volleyball - Betty Paez

An Athlete’s Prayer


I thank you O God

for giving me a body

which is fit and strong,

and for making me able to use it well.

In my training,

help me never to shrink the discipline which I know that I need

and that I ought to accept.

In my leisure and in my pleasure,

help me never to allow myself any indulgence

which would make me less fit than I ought to be.

When I compete with others,

help me, win or lose, to play fair.

When I win,

keep me from boasting;

When I lose,

keep me from making excuses.

Keep me from being conceited when I succeed,

and from being sulky when I fail.

And help me always with good will

congratulate a better man who beat me.

Help me so to live

that I will always have a healthy body, and a health mind.

This I ask for Your love's sake.




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