The classroom is not the only place where learning takes place at St. Richard School. 


Clubs and activities offered at St. Richard provide our students with he opportunity to develop their talents, explore new interests and connect with other students who share their passions. While all clubs give students an opportunity to focus on their individual interests, others can also provide students with a chance to use their talents to give back to the community and their school.


Students are encouraged to join and contribute to these activities over their years at St. Richard. Some of the fondest and lasting memories, and friendships, will be shaped by participating in these activities; plus, it helps students explore club interests for when they enter high school.


The following is a sampling of clubs and activities offered at St. Richard in prior years:

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Scouting programs, including Brownies, Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts

  • Children’s Choir

  • Folkloric Dance

  • Patrol

  • Recycling

  • Running

  • Snacktastic

  • Technology