Part of our responsibility as members of the Sts. Bruno & Richard School family is to help financially

support our school and parish. One of the most effective ways to do this is through fundraising. 

Fundraising is part of every Catholic school environment and a special way of building

community, school spirit, camaraderie and leadership. It also helps supplement the school’s

annual operating income so that the tuition and fees do not place an unrealistic burden on our

families, and parents are always encouraged to assume an active, hands-on, role in leading

our fundraisers.


Other Fundraising Activities

St. Richard School also hosts other fundraising activities throughout the year, including an Affy Tapple Taffy Apple and Double Good Popcorn sales in the Fall, a World’s Finest Chocolate Sale in the Spring, as well as restaurant dine-outs, Scholastic Book Fairs; various events and more. Additionally, other fundraising projects may be undertaken by the school as a whole or by individual classes or committees to meet specific needs throughout the course of the school year.

We will continue to look for fundraising activities that are not a burden to our families and students, and always welcome suggestions.


Please contact the school marketing and development office at if you wish to get involved with fundraising or have any suggestions.