Our teachers are dedicated to teaching, inspiring, and challenging students.


St. Richard teachers prepare lesson plans that are designed to teach students the fundamentals that they need to learn yet challenge students to go beyond the basics. Together, we want for your child to grow spiritually and mentally. We care about our students’ future success!

Feel free to email our teachers with any questions pertaining to their grade/subject.


Early Childhood:

Preschool, Room 104,         Ms. Anissa Martinez -

Kindergarten, Room 108,    Ms. Kerry Takash -


1st grade, Room 206,         Mrs. Dawn Turner -

2nd grade, Room 204,        Ms. Laura Finn -

3rd grade, Room 203,         Ms. Morgan Stewart -


4th grade, Room 305,         Mrs. Karen Kenny -

5th grade, Room 306,         Mr. Zach Rapp -

Jr. High:

6th homeroom, Room 301,  Ms. Savannah Tankersley -

7th homeroom, Room 304,  Mr. Frank Trapani -

8th homeroom, Room 303,  Mr. Mike Woods -

Music/Choir, Room 208,      Ms. Bridget Ryan -