St. Richard Preschool Program for three- & four-year-olds is a great start to your little ones future.


Do you have a three- or four-year-old in a daycare facility? Are you paying more than $100 a week? For approximately $95 a week, your child can do more than take a nap and play with toys, he or she can be learning!


Preschool students at St. Richard acquire fundamental skills that will apply to their future academic success. St. Richard preschoolers learn:

  • letter recognition, phonics, vocabulary and concepts.

  • shapes, colors, and patterns.

  • fine motor and social skills.

  • numbers and basic understanding of math concepts.

  • creative skills through art, music, and computers.

  • letter formation and basic writing.



Working parents can take advantage of the full-day classes as well as before- and after-school care programs (6:30am—6:00pm).


Illinois Action for Children funding is accepted.


St. Richard Catholic School

5025 South Kenneth Avenue

Chicago, Illinois 60632

School Office: 773-582-8083