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The Athletic Association of St. Richard affords the opportunity for students to be engaged in sports. Students involved are expected to cooperate, respect, and appreciate the time and dedication of the coaches and directors involved.


Students participating in these extracurricular activities must abide by the eligibility requirements regarding academic efforts and behavior. Students must maintain a C average in all academic areas in order to remain eligible for sports. Students whose school behaviors or attendance are questionable, risk suspension or expulsion from sports activities. Students participating in school-related sports activities must have written parental permission. Medical insurance coverage is the responsibility of the parent.


Students and coaches involved in the St. Richard Sports Program are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the Christian values of the school. One who consistently behaves otherwise will be removed from the team for a designated period of time. More serious improper conduct warrants immediate expulsion from the team. Both of these corrective measures can be implemented by either the coach of the team or by the principal of the school.