2017-2018 Student Council Members

St. Richard School Student Council develops students’ leadership skills by learning how to effectively plan, communicate, and work with the student body, faculty, and administration of the school. This Council gives students a chance to help make decisions about our school. In addition to being a wonderful learning experience, it demonstrates to the students that they have a voice in the school and that adults value their input.


St. Richard Student Council is composed of a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and student representatives. These students are elected by their classmates and run a full-campaign to earn the votes that will secure their position on the Council.


Student Council members are looked upon as the voice of the student body, capable of seeing many activities and projects come into action. The Council is a prominent school organization that heads many different events, activities, and projects. Its members are very organized and very willing to lend a helping hand.


Leadership is the key word for a successful student council, and the St. Richard School Student Council members strive to be great leaders with strong values.


Student Council is involved with:

  • Drives for food, clothing, and/or supplies

  • Catholic Schools Week

  • School Spirit Week

  • Student Opinion

  • Certain Holiday Fundraising

  • and other activities

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