The Archdiocese of Chicago and St. Richard School are dedicated to protecting the children in our School and Parish.


The Archdiocese of Chicago mandates that all clergy, employees, and volunteers in the school, parish, or athletic programs, who work with children, must complete the following:

  • VIRTUS / Protecting God's Children Training for Adults.

  • Criminal Background Check.

  • Code of Conduct Personnel Acknowledgement Form.

  • Child Abuse Neglect Tracking System (CANTS) Form. 


VIRTUS - Protecting God’s Children Training for Adults


VIRTUS (Latin for virtue) is a mandated program (three to four hours of instruction) regarding child sexual abuse that, per Diocesan policy, all parish, school and diocesan personnel and volunteers, who have regular contact with minors, are to attend. The Archdiocese mandates that all volunteers, field trip chaperones, coaches, scout leaders, and anyone else who works with children must attend a VIRTUS training session.


The program is an introduction to child sexual abuse and child sexual abusers. It provides information that may help you protect your child and will help you to be a better volunteer and work with other children in a safe, positive atmosphere.


In order to attend a session, you must register by visiting the VIRTUS website at


Criminal Background Check


To apply for a background check, you will need to logon to the Archdiocese website at You will need to first register, and then continue with the application. If you would like a paper copy, please contact the School or Parish Office.


Code of Conduct and CANTs Forms


Click the links below to access copies of the Code of Conduct and CANTs forms.  Once completed and signed, please drop your forms off at either the St. Richard School or Parish office.  We will then mail them on your behalf.